Friend of a Friend is the first Warsaw incar­nation of a new model of cooperation between gal­leries, laun­ched in London in 2016 under codename Condo. For this inter­national ven­ture eight Warsaw gal­leries are hosting over a dozen young gal­leries from Europe and America.


At Raster, together with Galerie Bern­hard (Zurich) and Ermes–Ermes (Vienna), works are presen­ted by Nick Bastis (US, born 1985), Andrea Kvas (Italy, 1986), Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (UK, 1950), and Olaf Brzeski (1975), known from Raster’s own program.

This is be the first time that those artworks can be viewed and pur­chased in Poland: a rice, glass beads, and grocery dividers instal­lation by Bastis, Kvas’ pain­tings with removed stret­chers, and polaroids by P-Orridge, known for per­for­mance art and affiliated with the avant-​garde music scene in England. Their works are joined by new objects and sculp­tures by Brzeski: A Piece of Wood the Size of a Brief­case Is No Par­ticular Thought in Its Pure Form. I Drop­ped It into the Sea and The Life of a Pipe II were drawn from the artist’s seaside gleanings. As in Bedaz­zlement, based on the mad flight path of a fly, the essence of the sculp­ting process relies here on producing a materially refined form depic­ting intan­gible states and dimen­sions of reality: the flow of time, the sense of boredom and aimlessness.


Andrea Kvas, Untitled, 2014, cotton canvas, metal and plastic grommets, ca. 300 x 1000 cm






Nick Bastis, Grocery Diver Sound Emitters, 2018, aluminum and plastic grocery dividers, aluminum tubing, brass tubing, glass beads, rice, epoxy resin, aluminum, screws









Olaf Brzeski, Illumination, 2017; galvanized steel, ca 90 × 135 × 80 cm









Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Mousetrap, 2016, cigar press, tampons, meunstral blood, resin, brass, ca. 63 x 38 x 13,5 cm




Genesis P-Orridge, polaroids from 1999-2005





Genesis P-Orridge, Flesh Orgasm, 2002, polaroid, 10,2 × 10,2 cm






Olaf Brzeski, Bend of Black Thought 2017, steel, paint, ca. 80 x 150 x 80 cm



2018 exhibitions

Friend of a Friend


On the opening weekend of April 7–8 the galleries will be open from 12 to 7 PM


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Photos: M. Sadowski