In the rear of the buil­ding in Wspolna street, where the Raster Gal­lery is located, in the place of an old yard and today non-​existent annexes, one can find a remar­kable, half-​wild garden – a miraculous, quaint oasis of greenery in the very heart of high-​density housing of cen­tral Warsaw. This summer the place relives its renais­sance not only due to the vegetation of plants, but also thanks to modern art. In the shadow of ripe chest­nuts and jasmine trees, we are deligh­ted to present specially com­mis­sioned works of out­stan­ding artists of established and emer­ging artists The Sculp­ture Garden of the Raster Gal­lery is a public place, which serves as a space where one can regulate one’s breath and mind as well as find a source of unobvious, artistic epiphanies.

Warsaw is a won­der­fully green city – full of trees, parks or abun­dant in greenery squares. In her shadow modern art appears with volatile luck. In Wola, one can discover intriguing relicts from the Sculp­ture Bien­nale in Metal from 1968. Moreover, from 2009 at the instigation of Pawel Althamer and under protec­tion of the Museum of Modern Art, a Sculp­ture Park emer­ges in the Brodno district. The idea of enrich­ment of the urban space through creating enc­laves which com­bine both live art and nature, has a long history. Our Raster Sculp­ture Garden evolves this con­cept into a new dimen­sion – a yard, a home garden, a visit in the neigh­bour­hood, a moment of relaxation and reflec­tion in the middle of a hot, urban day. It’s a com­pletion of the two-​decade old con­cept of art as a natural, sup­por­ting, and inspiring element of the social environment.

In autumn of 2021 we were pleased to inaugurate the Raster Sculp­ture Garden by presen­ting works and per­for­man­ces by Oskar Dawicki, Dominika Olszowy, and a col­lec­tive, Slavs and Tatars. This year we are thril­led to present works of Olaf Brzeski, Michal Budny and Dominika Olszowy accom­panied by two special Ukrainian guests –
Yuriy Biley and Mar­haryta Rieznik. This time as a special treat, we are deligh­ted to offer lemonade com­posed by a renow­ned Warsaw chef, Alek­san­der Baron.



Yuriy Biley

Olaf Brzeski

Michał Budny

Dominika Olszowy

Marharyta Rieznik


Aleksander Baron

The Sculpture Garden is open in compliance with the Raster Gallery’s opening hours, i.e. from Tuesday to
Saturday, 12:00-6:00 pm, until the end of October. The entrance is available through the gallery space.