The gal­lery will be closed from Satur­day, August 6th through Monday, August 22nd

The site of today’s Raster gal­lery for­merly housed the flag­ship store, studio and work­shop of the ORNO Cooperative of Artistic Han­diwork. Drawing upon this legacy, the rem­nants of which are still embed­ded in the façade, the gal­lery is hosting an exhibition devoted to the legacy of craft­sman­ship in Warsaw.  


This year marks the second edition of Raster’s ORNO project, presen­ting traditional work­shops still in operation in the gallery’s neigh­bor­hood, the South-​Central district of Warsaw. Most of them are small family businesses, often foun­ded on a historic tradition of offering services and products that meet the exac­ting stan­dards of decades past. These establish­ments con­tinue to disap­pear, year after year, in spite of the public’s growing interest in alter­native methods of producing food and other goods out­side of the industrial manufac­turing sector. This is why we decided to create a neigh­bor­hood map of craft workshops.


The exhibition at Raster presents a selec­tion of products and tools created and used by local craft­sman, such as wire-​rimmed glas­ses, shoes in various states of produc­tion, brushes of all sorts, gloves and much more. The show is accom­panied by an annex devoted to the history of the ORNO cooperative.


Media patron: Magazyn Zwykłe Życie
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Project made possible through the sup­port of the Dziel­nica Śródmieście of Warsaw 

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2015 exhibitions



With the participation of: 

Kazimierz Mystkowski, tailor

Piotr Janocha, glassblower

Brush maker, Ryszard Baryliński

Jolanta Jakubiak. framer, artistic binding

Zaremba tailoring studio

Jan Kielman, shoemaker

Czesław Jamroziński, glove maker

Marek Sękul, eyeglass maker

Nagrabeccy, glassworks & lamps (Velt)

Szymański Brothers, print shop

Maria Giedroyć, glove maker

Tadeusz Liebchen, Grawerton Print Shop

Sławomir Chmieliński, gold-plating and framing studio

Shoe stretching

Sławomir Dudik, sewing machine repair

Eleonora Majkowska-Trochimiuk, printing studio


At the close of the exhibition on the 19th of September, we welcome visitors to join us for a walk along the craftsmanship route through the center of town, including presentations by the craftsmen themselves demonstrating the work that they do. The program includes a visit to a print shop, eyeglass maker, glassblower, glove maker, and brush maker.