For the next instal­l­ment in the ORNO series, dedicated to the jewelry cooperative that used to operate at the gallery’s location along Wspólna 63, we’re presen­ting con­tem­porary artists who use textiles as their medium, one that is typically associated with a more utilitarian function.


Zbigniew Rogalski’s Tears is a flowing band of black fabric. The piece refers to the cinema screen and its rol­ling credits, as seen through eyes glassy with emotion. Embroidery hoops used in Ligh­tening series relate to traditional han­dicraft. In both works, the theme of nar­ration winds around and weaves together with the white matter of the white thread.  The fabric for both was also sup­plied by Bytom.


The rust-​colored suit sewn for Olaf Brzeski by a tailor at Bytom is a cul­mination of the sculptor’s dream of owning this very item of clothing. Rusted metal rods recouped from jun­kyards is a material he often incor­porates into his work—and this piece inc­ludes a hanger formed by Brzeski out of such rods.


The Slavs and Tatars col­lec­tive has produced quite a number of works that make use of traditional crafts and textiles. This par­ticular piece, produced especially for Raster, is a bespoke carpet that weaves together key phrases from their body of work, along with signs for various sound and phonemes of the Rus­sian alphabet. 

 2018 exhibitions

ORNO. Luźne wątki


Exhibition partner: Bytom S.A.