Michał Budny’s work in PEAC Museum in Freiburg

PEAC Museum Freiburg was established a few years ago based on the col­lec­tion of the Swiss entrepreneur and art patron Paul Ege. Ege, who died in 2019, was fascinated by various approaches to minimalist art. The museum’s col­lec­tion inc­ludes works by Michał Budny, who also took part in the show at PEAC, Vom Gesch­mack eines Apfels [On the taste of an apple]. It also features works by such artists as Carl Andre, Richard Long and Joseph Marioni.





Michał Budny, "Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance (after Ellsworth Kelly Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance, 1951-53)", 2018, wood, gesso, varnish; photos from the exhibition Vom Geschmack eines Apfels, PEAC Museum, Freiburg.
© PEAC Museum, photo: Bernhard Strauss






Michał Budny’s work in PEAC Museum in Freiburg

23. 04 – 17. 09 2023

PEAC Museum, Freiburg