Beginning as an investigation into the apparen­tly disparate events that bookend the twen­tieth and twenty-​first cen­tury – the col­lapse of Com­munism and the Islamic Revolution in Iran – Friend­ship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Show­biz traces unlikely points of conver­gence in Iran and Poland’s economic, social, political, religious and cul­tural histories. Drawing on Slavs and Tatars’ multi-​disciplinary prac­tice encom­pas­sing research, instal­lations, lecture-​performances and print media, this publication embraces new con­tributions in the form of essays, interviews, and archival presen­tation on sub­jects that range from seventeenth-​century Sar­matism to the twenty-first-century Green Movement, taking in along the way, tales of the Polish Exodus, Wojtek the bear, craft, hospitality, Pas­sion plays and taziyeh, and the political les­sons of a Polish slow burn revolution for con­tem­porary Iran.

Slavs and Tatars is a fac­tion of polemics and intimacies devoted to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China and is joined here by Agata Arasz­kiewicz, Ramin Jahan­begloo and Adam Mich­nik, Mara Gol­dwyn, Shiva Balaghi and Michael D. Ken­nedy. Former projects with Book Works inc­lude Kid­nap­ping Moun­tains (2009), 79.89.09. (2010) com­mis­sioned for Again, A Time Machine, and con­tributions to the publication Again, A Time Machine: from archive to distribution. Slavs and Tatars recen­tly exhibited at 10th Shar­jah Bien­nale, UAE (2011), Tate Modern, (2011), MoMA, NY (2012), Seces­sion, Vienna (2012). For­th­coming exhibitions are at: Istan­bul Modern, and Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Friend­ship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Show­biz toured from 10th Shar­jah Bien­nial, to Kiosk Gal­lery, Konin­klijke Academie voor Schone Kun­sten, Gent; Gdan­ska Galeria Miej­ska, Gdansk; Karlin Studios, Prague, is cur­ren­tly showing at REDCAT, LA, and will tour to Presen­tation House, Vancouver.

Slavs and Tatars

Ed. Mara Goldwyn

Design: Boy Vereecken/Slavs and Tatars, with the assistance of Monika Gruzite

184 pages; 210 x 260 mm; soft cover

Print run: 1,500 copies

Pub. Book Works and Sharjah Art Foundation in association with Raster, Warsaw as part of Book Works’ Co-Series: Book No. 4.

ISBN 978 1 906012 42 7