Lev Povzner, born in Moscow in 1939, is a pain­ter from the movement of Rus­sian non­con­for­mists who par­ticipated in unof­ficial exhibitions in private flats in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1967 he graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, and has been pain­ting and drawing ever since, but despite a number of exhibitions remains on the mar­gins of official artistic life in Russia.


He works in his own flat and uses domestic materials, pain­ting on oilc­loth and homemade card­board. Povzner draws inspirations from the clas­sics of Rus­sian literature and from the prose of life in the Soviet utopia. Using sur­realistic optical games—mirror reflec­tions and pain­tings within paintings—he conveys the liberating power of psychedelia. Allusions to psychoanalysis and non-​obvious images or emotions recor­ded in the sub­con­scious make his works an inspiring source of secret know­ledge on con­tem­porary Rus­sian society.


Unlike the escapist ten­den­cies popular in the last decade, Povzner’s elaborate, individual brand of sur­realism represents a return to the political poten­tial of the genre. It is the artist’s secret lan­guage, protec­ting his indepen­dence and noble position as an out­sider. From this per­spec­tive he can per­ceive more and attempt more, guided by the titles of his own cycles of drawings and pain­tings, such as Field of Mirac­les and Weed. At this exhibition, the first-​ever for Lev Povzner in Poland, we present a selec­tion of his newest works. The opening will be held on the artist’s 80th birthday.

Exhibitions 2019

Lev Povzner


Joint exhibition of Galeria Dawid Radziszewski and Raster Gallery.


Opening 8 November 2019

6:00–9:00 pm

Galeria Dawid Radziszewski

ul. Kolejowa 47A, Warsaw