Michał Budny <br> INFLORESCENCE

Michał Budny’s art grows and matures with each new exhibition. The cur­rent show draws its drama direc­tly from the aura of the garden. The post-​minimalism which the artist has been faith­ful to from the start now takes on sur­prisin­gly vital forms. Strong colours and movement.The reliefs and objects are made of wood and metal, par­tially covered with paints, but their geo­metrical struc­tures have a living, individual per­sonality. This natural, organic quality is sym­bolized by Source, located in the heart of the exhibition—a sug­gestive com­position of twisted and pain­ted steel pipes, for­ming as it were the heart of the garden.


The “inflorescence” in the title of the show is a metaphor for “blos­soming” and a lon­ging for inten­sity of sen­sations, while the individual works, viewed one by one, form a spec­tacle in which varied shapes, textures, colours and reflec­tions of light inter­play har­moniously. This garden is thus a nar­rative of stimulating the senses and sen­sitivity, but also about materiality and cor­poreality, with a sur­prising, almost erotic punchline.


Budny com­bines restraint with biological and sen­sual power in his own original fashion. His latest works draw us into an enticing mystery and evoke suc­culent fruit picked straight from the tree.


Michał Budny

01.12.2023 – 10.02.2024