The first full-​length album devoted to the works of Oskar Dawicki, one of the most extraor­dinary Polish artists of our time. Trained as a pain­ter, it was his prac­tice as a per­for­mer and a post-​conceptualist with a sin­gularly fatalistic slant that brought him to the public. In recent years, his craft and his very person have been recreated within other genres, namely as the protagonist in the biographical novel “Half Empty” (2010), writ­ten by Łukasz Gor­czyca and Łukasz Ron­duda, and the star­ring role in the feature film “Per­for­mer” (2010), direc­ted by Łukasz Ron­duda and Maciej Sobieszczański.  


The publication is the first com­prehen­sive review of Dawicki’s oeuvre. Along­side photographic documen­tation of his works and per­for­man­ces, the full-​color album presents behind-the-scenes images from the set of “Per­for­mer” and other projects, inc­luding many full-​page or double-​page spreads. All of the images are accom­panied by detailed cap­tions that deliver insights into the mind and actions of this remar­kable artist. The introduc­tion writ­ten by the Per­for­mer him­self endows the album with the spirit of the art book, as Dawicki stages yet another unexpec­ted per­for­mance – this time in prose. 


Co-​financed by the Ministry of Cul­ture and National Heritage


Oskar Dawicki

Book concept and editing: Łukasz Gorczyca and Michał Kaczyński

Design: Michał Kaczyński

172 pages, 300 x 225 mm

89 color and 22 black-and-white photographs

Publisher: Raster, Warsaw 2015

ISBN 978-83-938244-1-0 (Polish version)

ISBN 978-83-938244-4-1 (English version)