Raster Editions - a library of limited-edition art books and other publications, quality, affordable works of photography, graphic design, objects and other print works geared towards an audience of collectors and those just starting out on their adventure in contemporary art. The project is supplemented by a program of special exhibitions, presenting the latest works by artists affiliated with the gallery or otherwise affiliated with its publishing activities and, of equal importance, historical materials or special releases of works by recognized international artists - all available for sale. Raster presents contemporary art in a broader context, contributing to its understanding, paving a way for building home libraries and collections.

There are three main directions in Raster's own publishing activities. The Warszawa series revives previously unpublished original materials and research in the realm of the city's visual culture, and its material and literary culture. Another series presents quality monographic editions featuring artists of the young and middle generation (recent releases include albums of works by Agata Bogacka, Michał Budny, Aneta Grzeszykowska and Zbigniew Libera). The third focus is the field of art books - independent artistic publications released as autonomous art projects, spanning works of literature as well ? works of poetry and prose. All of Raster's publications are distinguished by a high level of quality with regard to editorial, graphic design and print technology.


Book store is open during the gallery working hours - Tuesday to Saturday, 12-18

Contact: editions[at]rastergallery.com