In the 2nd edition of the Friend of a Friend project, Raster invites you to an encoun­ter of three artists from three con­tinents: Flo Kasearu from Estonia, Sachiko  Kazama from Japan, and Michelle Raw­lings from the United States. Each of them works in a dif­ferent medium and cul­tural con­text, employing an individual, expres­sive lan­guage. In varying ways, all of them negotiate the social and political dimen­sions of artistic work.


Flo Kasearu (born in 1985) is the foun­der of a private house museum, which together with the adjoining garden con­stitutes the site and sub­ject of her artistic activities. Kasearu addres­ses art institutions—museums and schools—in her own con­trary fashion, inviting their staff to work on her Tal­linn estate. Her instal­lations, per­for­man­ces and actions also con­cern problems of nationalist rhetoric and the presence of women in cul­ture. At the exhibition we present a specially created instal­lation by the artist as well as works from her series Star­tup (2018), made from stones left over from the con­struc­tion of the Korean Garden project in the yard of the Flo Kasearu House Museum in an exchange with the Gwan­gju Bien­nale (2016).


Sachiko Kazama (born in 1972) is an expres­sive artist of black-and-white wood­cuts on political and social themes. The point of depar­ture for her works may be both con­tem­porary and historical events, which the artist trans­forms into a tale of her own, full of subtle humour and fan­tasy. Using traditional graphic tech­niques, Kazama alludes to the history of this genre and its modern incar­nations, from political satire to con­tem­porary comics and manga. Her works are found in the col­lec­tions of the most impor­tant art museums in Japan but so far have not been shown widely in Europe.


Michelle Raw­lings (born in 1980) is primarily a pain­ter. Her intimate-​scaled works are a study of con­tem­porary visual cul­ture from a woman’s or girl’s per­spec­tive. Raw­lings is interested in the col­lision of the traditional pain­terly medium and the moder­nist lan­guage of abs­trac­tion with digital reality: the struc­ture of pixels and the dynamic of social media. Her works com­bine the light­ness of vir­tual pain­tings with festishistic quality of materials, the canon of art history with the spon­taneous and random nature of the Instagram profiles of teenage girls. The exhibition will present the artist’s latest pain­tings, created in the last few months.

exhibitions 2019



Opening weekend:
Saturday-Sunday 12-7 pm


Flo Kasearu 



Sachiko Kazama



Michelle Rawlings