Summer ticks by slowly at the gal­lery. The sun circ­les the garden and the display room in a wide arc, lazily flic­king its long tongue. Oskar Dawicki sneaks through the shaded stret­ches of sidewalk to finally reach the gal­lery in the after­noon and retell his story. Edward Dwur­nik listens to music and paints the pul­sing beat of the waves. Alicja Pakosz sits in front of the wide-​open window of her studio and cat­ches the thick, warm air of the green cour­tyard, flowing lazily over the roofs of the low out­buil­dings. Nicolas Grospierre col­lects sunny pic­tures from his meadow in Suwałki. Emila Kina seeks shel­ter in the cool­ness of the dar­kroom. Prze­mek Matecki patien­tly leafs through magazines from last summer and carefully applies white paint to the field marked on the canvas. Olaf Brzeski sits with a sketch­book in the shade of a tall haystack and discreetly draws a por­trait of a shy man. Oskar Zięta sets off on another cosmic jour­ney. All the suns and their fruits ripen.



Garden opening on Thursday, 3 August 2023, 4:00–7:00 pm

Exhibition runs through 16 September.



Olaf Brzeski, Oskar Dawicki, Edward Dwurnik, Nicolas Grospierre, Emilia Kina, Przemysław Matecki, Alicja Pakosz, Oskar Zięta


Summer break at Raster 7–21 August.