Dominika Olszowy, an artist known for post-​internet con­fabulations, balan­ces in real life on the border between sculp­ture, instal­lation and scenography. At Raster she creates a new type of quasi-​performative space that requires active exploration by viewers, while provoking questions about the theatricality of our everyday rituals, habits, desires and fears.


The exhibition Household Spirit alludes to domestic space as charac­terized by con­flic­ting emotions: a sense of com­fort and fear, solace and suf­focation, repose and paranoia. Black coffee splashes over the walls here like blood in a horror film.


The objects and situations created by the artist emanate both good energy and bad taste, sug­gesting the possibility of rest and the threat of psychological tor­ture. In her work, Olszowy com­bines a fascination with ver­nacular spirituality, the new age cul­ture of omens and charms, with the psychoanalysis of common household devices: leather uphol­stered fur­niture, cur­tains. The stories hidden behind them offer the poten­tial for fan­tasy and therapy. The true but invisible protagonists of the exhibition are household spirits, which accor­ding to ancient super­stition leave traces that are hard to miss.

warsaw gal­lery week­end 2019

Dominika Olszowy



The opening of the exhibition is taking place during Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2019 on Friday, 20.09, 5 –9 p.m.


For WGW open on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 21 –22, 12 –7 PM




Thanks to Ciech S.A. for providing the artist with the resin used to create the works shown in the exhibition.