Two exhibitions by Zbigniew Rogal­ski took place in Poznań and Szczecin. Both presen­ted premiere works by the artist and involved cooperation—with the well-​known photographer Paweł Bownik (A Ten-​Minute Break at Municipal Gal­lery Arsenał in Poznań) and with the artist’s nine-year-old son Tymon (The Eighth Con­tinent at Zona Sztuki Aktual­nej at the Academy of Art in Szczecin). Rogalski’s new projects are large-​format drawings derived from descrip­tive geometry—a study of moun­tains, and striking, melan­choly studies of a male nude drawn direc­tly on photographs by Bownik.

exhibitions in poland

Zbigniew Rogalski cooperates with Paweł Bownik and Tymon Rogalski

"A Ten-Minute Break"
Bownik, Zbigniew Rogalski
Municipal Gallery Arsenał




"The Eighth Continent"
Tymon Rogalski, Zbigniew Rogalski
Zona Sztuki Aktualnej




Photo from "The Eighth Continent"

by Janusz Piszczatowski