The pain­ting is an indepen­dent travesty on Eugene Delacroix’s The Barque of Dante (1822), also known as Dante and Virgil in Hell. Matecki main­tains the integrity of the original with regard to com­position, but introduces a series of highly unacademic innovations, such as the sub­ject of Dante represen­ted in char­coal, along­side magazine cut-​outs of fashion models. The title of the pain­ting appears in the right-​hand sec­tion of the pain­ting, bor­rowed from the fourth album by metal band Sepul­tura (1991). Matecki’s Arise is a hel­lish vision of art, where the greats of French Roman­ticism are depic­ted along­side Brazil’s pioneers of Death and Trash Metal. The experience of this radical form of music is cited by Matecki has his most significant source of artistic inspiration.

Przemek Matecki

oil, charcoal and paper on canvas, 150 x 180 cm