Pretending to be invisible

The leit­motif of Paulina Stasik’s pain­tings is invariably bodies—levitating, cap­tured in timeless lethargy—but also the coating of the body itself: the skin, which here func­tions as a kind of living shroud. The unique, dream­like atmosphere of these canvases arises from mythological and fairy-​tale inspirations. Stasik evokes mythical Titans and Atlases in female form, but also images tied to children’s fan­tasies or even puppet theatre. The allusion to the sphere of myth, proto-​spirituality and pan­sexuality is also the artist’s response to the con­tem­porary fate of the world, saturated with apocalyp­tic prophecies, visions of climate disaster and war­time chaos.

Paulina Stasik
Pretending to be invisible


oil on canvas

140 × 130 cm