2014, dip­tych, oil on canvas, 247,5 x 55 cm; 219 x 74 cm

2012, oil on canvas, 234,5 cm × 33,5 cm; 232,5 cm × 31,5 cm; 238 cm × 32,5 cm


oil on canvas, various dimensions

Bamboos are painted in thinned black paint - peculiar traces on the wet surface of the canvas are the inscription of an automatic action lasting only a few seconds. Here, the lack of room for error and the absolute suggestiveness of translating the gesture into painterly presentation, their equation, is absolutely essential. The lightness of these works is, however, somewhat illusive. Bujnowski is involved in the process of producing images based on a well-structured routine (in a good sense). He is interested in the possibility of short-term illumination; the discovery of a shape or meaning in the universe that would seem accidental; seemingly absurd actions, movements, gestures and at the same time the power of illusion that each gesture has.