Born in 1974 in Babice near Cracow
1994-1996 studies at Architecture department of the Cracow University of Technology
1996-2001 studies at the Graphic Arts Department of the Cracow Fine Arts Academy
1995-2001 co-founder and member of the "Ladnie" group
1998-2000 publisher of the "Ladnie" group artzin "Slynne Pismo we Wtorek"

2010 Lovis Corinth Preis
Lives in Cracow.


Paintings and drawings by Marcin Maciejowski feature a colorful contemporary blend of realistic and historical painting. The topics he touches upon in his works are both girlfriends and pop culture heroes, politicians and football hooligans, scenes from a gallery of contemporary art and historical events of the twentieth century. Maciejowski uses many iconographic sources, juxtaposing images from contemporary press, color magazines and propagandist landscape albums from the 50s. He reaches out for museum catalogues and film scenes. He is fascinated with cultural and pop-cultural clichés of "masculinity" and '"femininity", but in his paintings he also explores the national sanctities, obsessions, fears and hopes. His painting is a mature and technically refined analysis of contemporary visual culture, taken to be a set of ideological clichés. The artist is also known for his devotion to Polish matters - his works are often a conscious apotheosis of "the familiar".




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