1991 born in Niedomice
2010-2015 studies at the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
2014-2015 scholarship at Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová, Praha

2018 artist in residence, Spinnerei Leipzig

Co-founder of artist-run-space Potencja Gallery and "Łałok" magazine.
Lives and works in Krakow.


Karolina Jabłońska’s painting combines the artistic licence of art brut and a neo-expressionist aura with the confessional power of modernists and feminists. The characteristic colour range of the paintings accentuates their dark eroticism. Jabłońska’s works burst with scenes of exaggerated sensitivity, ecstatic violence, and disturbing hallucinations. A lyrical subject appearing in many of the paintings is a young girl with unnaturally large, brown eyes—the artist’s alter ego. This rescaling is nearly obsessive, concealing both terror and defiant curiosity. Jabłońska’s heroines are girls from the disco, thieves, goddesses and fortune-tellers, and the connections and emotions both emerge and end violently—in passion. Here exaggeration and hyperbole are principles of both composition and life. The sweet sultriness of her painting draws energy from the literary motifs traced by the artist and from a direct response to a testosterone-driven reality. Her paintings are accompanied by works on paper, spray-painted using stencils.



- The National Museum in Gdansk, PL

- ING Polish Art Foundation, Warszawa, PL