The series of photomon­tages World of Feelings and Imagination, also published in book form in 1979, holds a special place in Rydet’s oeuvre. It is a metaphorical nar­rative of human life, alluding to the tradition of sur­realism but told from an empathetic, feminist per­spec­tive. As the artist explained, the series “depicts humans in a precarious state from the time they are born—their obses­sions, feelings, loneliness, desires and anxiety, for which there is no salvation but through love. It is a story about the tragedy of pas­sing, fear of annihilation and destruc­tion.” The series con­sists of several chap­ters named by the artists as fol­lows: Land­scapes, Birth, Mother­hood, Expec­tations, Leavings, Behind the Wall of Life, Love, Sen­timen­tal Ballad, Exter­mination, Man­nequins, Phan­toms, Threat, Obses­sions, Trans­for­mations, Hope.

All of the pic­tures used in the photomon­tages were taken by Rydet. The final prints were made by photographing maquet­tes – hand cut and paste compositions.

Zofia Rydet
From the World of Feelings and Imagination cycle. Phantoms

1975-1979, gelatin silver prints in various dimensions