Aneta Grzeszykowska
Franciszka 2021

wool, stuffing, wood, metal, 73 x 162 x 53 cm

The white woolen dolls are handsewn by Grzeszykowska. They represent an image that the artist has of her own daughter, Franciszka - in different, future stages of her life. Each of the white dolls will be completed by a photographic equivalent of Franciszka when she reaches a particular age - here, in year 2021. The realism of the woolen figures is not literal - on the contrary, they seem eerily distant. The motif of inversion, often used by Grzeszykowska in her art, returns once again, set between the positive image and its negative reflection; the white dolls can be set against the black ones representing Grzeszykowska herself, each a replica of a photograph from different stages of her childhood.