Warsaw Gal­lery week­end 2016

Rafał Bujnowski

The works of Rafał Buj­now­ski con­tinually engage in a dialogue with the fun­damen­tal proper­ties of pain­ting. The artist is interested in what pain­tings are essen­tially for, how they func­tion in architec­tural and social space, but also the manner of their creation. These con­siderations have led him to radical solutions and far-​reaching formal restraint. The phenomenon of his pain­ting con­sists in the con­stant balan­cing between represen­tation and the illusion of represen­tation. The pain­ting process, often purely mechanical, leads to sur­prising results and laun­ches another, sym­metrical, process of reading the com­pleted pain­ting, which depends on the variable ligh­ting, distance, and the involvement of the viewer.


Slavs and Tatars

For their second show at Raster, the Slavs and Tatars col­lec­tive presents an instal­lation in the form of a pickle-​juice bar. The title Society of Rascals (Towarzystwo Szubrawców) was drawn from the name of a now-​forgotten literary society of 19th-century Vil­nius, famous for its heavily ironic, caustic displays of satire that stood coun­ter to the self-​important stance of the roman­tics, their sooth­saying and exal­ted engagement in the nationalist discourse. The pic­kled juices served by the artists along with provocative lexical gym­nastics are meant to sug­gest an antidote for the pathos of Polish patriotism, while also expres­sing their own soured regard for any politics based on the oppositional binary of us-versus-them.

2016 exhibitions

Salon of New Photography

This exhibition takes on the, per­haps, dated for­mula of the artistic salon, set­ting the emotional focus on individual images—works of photography and their distinct strength in replicating, con­struc­ting and injec­ting a dose of magic into reality. We invited a few dozen con­tem­porary artists to each exhibit a single work created in the past 2-3 years. The col­lec­tion on show, thus, is not only an assort­ment of the most intriguing exam­ples of new Polish photography, but also a record of the most magnetic – in the visual and emotional sense – obses­sions that drive each individual artist to act within the medium.



In what way does the family life of artists merge into their art? Star­ting with the total prac­tice of KwieKulik, a pair of artists who introduced their own child and other relatives into their poetic-​structural “activities with a camera” in the 1970s, we take a look at how family ties and relations are tested in the public forum through the medium of art. So, does art work to create distance, or, conver­sely, does it con­tribute to a deeper under­stan­ding, empathy and unraveling of familial tensions?


Michał Budny

When con­sidering Budny’s works, one is con­sisten­tly awed by the noble, sub­dued power packed into those simple, natural gestures, materials and forms. The latest exhibition develops the fun­damen­tal themes within the prac­tice of this extraor­dinary artist in a new way—struggling with the material and the space, the emotions and the architec­ture. “Crown” is an exac­ting com­position of individual objects that cor­respond and, in turn, provoke one another. They are all con­nec­ted through a striking manifestational quality, precision and uncom­promising character.


Olaf Brzeski

The disrup­tion of scale and weight, the fan­ciful use of material, the trans­ference of drawing into the physical space and an obses­sive imagination that revolves around the human figure—these are the stan­dard elements of Brzeski’s craft. “Megalomania” exhibition is a sculp­tural study of size, ambition and fragility – in which the artist will face off with figures and materials that appear in various ways hyper­bolic or imagined even.

2015 exhibitions

Michelle Rawlings

Relatively small in size, Michelle Rawlings’ pain­tings come together as a sequence of images, much like a blog or instagram feed. Raw­lings referen­ces various styles and genres of pain­ting, adap­ting them to her individual scale and nar­rative. The realm of her visual pur­suits is in large part focused on represen­tations of young women and girls – artists, actors and models – as well as the formal lan­guage of con­tem­porary art.

2015 exhibitions

Janek Simon

Simon’s many exotic trips over the past dozen years have served to develop his para-​artistic endeavors, vested on the frin­ges of economics, art and post-​colonial thought. His newest exhibition is an offshoot of these ear­lier experien­ces, as it also inverts the per­spec­tive of the artist as observer. Simon’s main topic of interest shifts from inter­cul­tural exchange towards the sub­jec­tive observations of a researcher-​traveler: exploration, and con­fabulation, too, of which the experien­ces of recognized travelers, repor­ters and artists are full of.

raster editions


A limited edition of Zbigniew Libera “Photographs” album with an original 2004 photograph by the artist, signed and num­bered on the back.

raster editions

Ogórek Trocki

Slavs and Tatars call for a rescue of the 400-year-old Trakai cucum­ber which sadly didn’t survive the second World War.